Same-Day Help for Client Campaigns, Case Study Opportunities and Facebook Ads Mastery
Exclusive membership for Facebook Advertising Freelancers and Media Buyers 
How much more confident would you be in your business if you were able to consistently deliver results for clients and spend profitably on virtually all campaigns you ran?

If you were able to retain clients for longer and raise your prices knowing the value you brought to the table?

Working as a FB Marketer can be challenging at the best of times. The platform runs over 300 algorithm changes per year making almost impossible to stay across what's working at any one time when you're trying to figure it all out on your own - EVEN if you're the best there is out there!

Because of this, campaigns don't always perform the way you expect them to. Things can go from boom-time to nail-biting in a day and campaigns can easily experience failure to launch time and time again.

FATC was created to provide marketers - at all levels with the tools, support and resources needed to succeed in the space.

Inside the membership, you'll gain access to: 

- Same-day campaign support... 
- Monthly expert coaches & industry based training fro launching, testing & optimising campaigns... 
- Access to lead directory where we match you with paid gigs or internships..
- Exclusive member events and resources (global monthly meetups, discounts, & perks) 

  • Get same-day support for client campaigns...
  • ​Develop confidence & mastery with Facebook ads, bots & funnels through industry based training and monthly guest expert coaches... 
  • Get matched with leads and case studies... 
THE TARGET: Build confidence to offer Facebook ads as a service... 
Christiaan managed to generate $250K in revenue with a 4.3 ROA for his client running Facebook Ads using the methods taught inside! He is now pitching and working directly with his own clients. 
THE TARGET: Turn around a campaign that was about to cost me the client... 
Went from dismal results to 800 leads in six months and over $100K in revenue by tapping into our team's support 
Developed by Industry Leader Cat Howell
And supported by her own team - their sole purpose, to help you build your confidence as a Facebook advertiser and get you momentum!

Everything you learn inside has been incubated, tested and processed inside Cat's own agency (Eight Loop Social). 

Meaning - you are learning campaign implementation processes that are being used on actual clients. 

Cat also understood early on that - even the best marketers will need a second eye or hand as Facebook can be unpredictable, which is why you won't find better support than what you'll get inside the membership.  Her team will go inside the campaigns to help you troubleshoot them and get them back on track or set up. 

If you're wanting to be the best there is in the industry AND set yourself up with case studies and paid gigs, this is the tribe for you!  

Thousands of businesses and agencies are using our directory each month to find marketers they can trust.  Let us connect you with case studies and paid gigs!  

How it works:  the amount you will be able to charge will be based on your experience and competence. In order to be listed on directory and get matched with opportunities you will need to pass an assessment. 

Once a business places a request, we will match them with you based on their needs, required experience level, niche, and budget.  It will be up to you to sell yourself in but these are good quality leads. 

There is demand for all experience levels, including beginners - if you are brand new to Facebook Ads you will initially be matched with internships to protect the client as you train yourself up. 
THE TARGET: Gain experience and case studies working with the niche I want to work with...
Rob was able to not only start working with his ideal types of clients, but he managed to also deliver a 5 x return on ad spend!  
THE TARGET: I was naive taking on an account, now I’m stuck! Need to turn this around fast!... 
Fast forward 18 months and Hannah now has a full team and agency!  Cat does personal testimonials for members that can demonstrate their applied use of the skills we teach! 
Your ability to deliver on client expectations is crucial in order to retain those clients! But sometimes, it can be really hard to see why a campaign has gone astray when you are so involved or close to it. 

Inside the membership, you'll gain access to six weekly calls where your new support team is there to help you turn your client campaigns around as fast as possible.  These are industry leaders actually going into the accounts!

If you're able to keep even just one client on longer in your business - this membership has paid for itself tenfold! 

In addition to the hands on support, you'll also gain access to a private community where you can ask your questions 24/7 and connect with peers and solutions! 

THE TARGET: I'm running ads for my own business and want to take things to the next level... 
Natalie grew her revenue by 14% within two weeks! 
You've been thinking about taking the plunge into the freelancing world, first step: build a competence that clients will pay for!  
The first step to working with clients is to become skilled in a service offer that the market is willing to pay for.  

Facebook advertising and bot building are two skills that have proven invaluable for freelancers - if you think about it, mastering the art of paid traffic is kind of like holding the keys to the kingdom.  Once you know how to successfully sell online, the opportunities available to you and your own future ventures are limitless! 

This is far more than just "becoming a Facebook Marketer", it's about understanding and mastering the art of being able to successfully sell online - a skill that will serve you far beyond your freelancing career! 

All the training is industry-based. Meaning, it's based on what Cat's teams are doing inside actual ad accounts with clients - ie: what's actually working and not just what sounds good theoretically. 

Created to provide marketers - at all levels - with the tools, support and resources needed to succeed in the Facebook Advertising space!
We'll show you how to run split tests, copywrite for ads, launch campaigns, optimise results, assess clients, build bots, and scale results.  

Consider us the secret weapon to nailing the competence you intend on using to get client results! Training processes are shared with you and you are provided with support around these - lots of support!  

Apply for paid gigs and internships  

So here's what you want to know - do we actually send you paid gigs and internships? 

Yes, we do. We have thousands of businesses reaching out to us each month wanting to be connected with marketers - people like you, no matter the level you're at. 

Now - here's the catch - to protect the businesses we will assess your level of competence and according to this you will be matched with different types of clients (ie: different levels = different prices). If you are brand new you will be matched with internships to help you get your teeth cut in at low risk.  

Whilst we don't guarantee a number of leads - our members do very well from it and it's a big reason why so many are with us for years.  

The aim is so that you can focus on refining your skillset and not have to worry so much about how you will generate leads! 

Get hands on support for your client campaigns   

Because let's be real - you can be the best damn Facebook marketer in the world but when even Facebook doesn't know what time of day it is, you're going to need a tribe of people to support you when things go pear shaped, even if it's just to protect your own sanity. 

You probably won't find better support for your campaigns than here. Short of actually being at your 24/7 beck and call, we're pretty fast at helping out.  We roll up our sleeves and go into the accounts with you. Because sometimes what's missing was staring right at you all along.  Consider us an investment in helping you to retain your clients for longer.  

Now Just Imagine...
  • Being able to avoid or fix campaigns that bomb and clients get the results you promised them...
  •  Having confidence in your service... you want to build a business with a good reputation that actually helps clients 
  • ​How to setup the campaign that will save you hours of time and budget, AND easy lead wins for your client...
THE TARGET: I want to have enough confidence to be able to take on my first client... 
Carrie was recently able to get her new client a 4 x ROA
TRAINING: Facebook Ad Basics 
Pixels, Business Manager, Tracking, Audiences, Campaigns and more!  

TRAINING: Launching  
Messaging and copy, rapid fire testing methodology, creative and campaign set ups   

TRAINING: Advanced Strategies  
eCPM, working with the Algorithm, Attribution Windows, Scaling, Optimising results, and more!   

SUPPORT: Private Community 
Ask questions 24/7, connect with peers, and discover strategies to help you establish your freelancing or agency business!   The mentors and experts inside can help you tackle just about any client or campaign issue you might be facing!  
PROCESSES: Campaign Processes  
Tap into Eight Loop Social's campaign management processes to help you get more consistent results and work with contractors  

SUPPORT: Hands On Help Calls  
Get Cat's team of industry experts to help your turn under performing campaigns around or to help you launch or scale campaigns! Support is also provided with bot builds and set ups! 
Here's a snippet of a live support call...
Still Have Questions?
Do you really send me leads?...

Yes, we do.  We have thousands of businesses reaching out to us each month wanting to be connected with marketers. 

Now - here's the catch - to protect the businesses we will assess your level of competence and according to this you will be matched with different types of clients (ie: different experience levels charge higher prices). If you are brand new you will be matched with internships.  

Whilst we don't guarantee a number of leads - our members do very well from it and it's a big reason why so many are with us for years.  

The aim is so that you can focus on refining your skillset and not have to worry so much about how you will generate leads! 

What happens if I want to cancel my membership?....

Well - pretty underwhelming stuff really.  You just let us know, we'll cancel it without any questions and you don't have to worry about long term contracts or commitments! That simple. 

Once your month rolls over after cancelling you will be removed from the leads directory and training portals and resources. 

Is this best suited to a beginner or advanced marketer?  

Both - here's the truth: doesn't matter how skilled you are you will always run into hiccups with campaigns, sometimes having that ear to bounce off off and another peer at your level to look things through is all it takes to shake things back into shape!

If you are a brand new beginner, we recommend supplementing your learning with Facebook's free Facebook Ads course (Blueprint) to help boost your knowledge even more~ 

Our Promise To You!
Our mission is to arm you with unshakable confidence in your competence and to help connect you with opportunities that match where you're going...
The goal is to help you raise your prices through competency...

To take on clients with confidence that you can deliver results...

To provide you with opportunities to increase the momentum...

And provide you with a clear path to help you succeed in your business! 

Billed MONTHLY, no contracts
  • Campaign processes - Facebook Ads & Bot Builds  - value $1,493
  • Directory Listing (assessment required)  - value $300
  • Hands On Campaign Support - value $1,197
  • Total Value: $2,990
  • GET IN NOW FOR ONLY $297/MTH!  - No long term contracts, cancel anytime! 
Meet Your New Team
Tom is one of the world's leading Facebook Ad marketers and consults some of the biggest brands as well as some of the biggest influencers in the FB marketing space.  

He is singlehandely responsible to helping to generate revenues in the eight figure mark for ecom businesses.

Customer Experience Coach...
Derek is on board to enhance the sense of community and culture amongst FATC students. You'll see him sharing tips and hacks in the group, providing Facebook Ads support, and spreading encouraging words to increase chances of success.

Derek is the Founder of Horizons Digital Marketing, a marketing agency that helps eCommerce companies build their brands and scale to 6 & 7-figures per month.
Beyond marketing, Derek has a passion for helping people, coaching and watching others grow. That passion has led him to join the Digital Distillery team, helping in FATC, the Freelancer Incubator, and the Academy.
Lead Gen Mentors...
Tamra owns a FB Ads Agency based on the Gold Coast, in Australia and has made a name for herself as an expert in the lead gen space.

Recent results she's achieved include:
*10x a health and fitness coaches online program sales from $3K to $30K a month.

*$700 spend for a 20x return for several fitness gyms.
Karen started her marketing career building strategy for leading apparel brands and entertainment studios at all the world's top retailers before founding her own digital agency.

Since launching Brand Central Marketing, she's scaled medspas, gyms, dentists, yoga studios, mortgage brokers, and more, with ongoing results at 8x return on ad spend for some clients.
Rutger is known as the King of Bots and has already helped hundreds of marketers and businesses to implement messenger bot strategies into their lead gen campaigns.

His recent wins include helping to generate over $100K in revenue for a new offer in a two month period using a bot.
eCommerce Mentors...
Before helping create magic for other brands, Jason Portnoy launched True Rivalry in 2012 and grew the brand presence in over 250 retail stores across North America. 

He's recently helped take an ecom store from $2500 in sales to $100,000 in sales in 5 months and then over $350,000 one month within 12 months with an overall 330% return on ad spend.
Amy Biddle is head of Luova Social. She's managed online sales and marketing for companies in such diverse niches as SaaS to cat toys.
Amy got her start online by flipping residential building lots using a combination of offline direct mail, and marketing on eBay. 

She helps both Amazon and Shopify brands scale using Facebook™ ads. Her campaigns for clients have achieved consistently high ROAS, from 4x to 15x and higher.
Cameron Walter, formerly
representing Facebook™ as a
'Facebook Marketing Expert', has
worked with over 250 eCommerce
companies to develop,
troubleshoot, and implement their
social media strategies. During
his time as a Facebook marketer
he has generated multi-millions
of dollars in profit and business

Cameron now alternates between
freelance work and managing the
growth of his own eCommerce
business, where he has generated
6 figures of revenue in less
than a year solely through
organic traffic.
In early 2015 Jordan co-founded a skincare eCommerce company that he quickly grew to $60k/month using Facebook ads as the primary traffic source.

Prior to that, he transitioned into full-time work as a Facebook ads freelancer specializing in eCommerce, helping companies to launch products, scale campaigns, and increase ROI.

Now, he's working as a Facebook™ ads specialist for Cat Howell.
Prior to founding 11:11 Digital, Alex was Head of Audience Development for Future Publishing PLC, an international digital publisher in the tech, gaming and entertainment verticals.

 Recent wins of Alex's include 8x ROAS for a high-end men's clothing client, delivering $188k in revenue (on a $22k ad spend) for them in 4.5 months.
Online Course/Digital Products Mentor...
Marsha is known as the strategist for funnels and Facebook™ ads.  She has built well over 100+ funnels that have earned businesses 5 and 6 figures.

She was on a team managing ads that resulted in a 7-figure launch for a well known influencer in the online space.

Marsha's analytical and out of the box thinking has attracted both agencies and end clients for consulting on strategies and funnel optimization, which has resulted in lowering CPL by half and increasing ROAS.
Group Moderators...
Mike Koziol
Mike Koziol a business rebel who escaped the cubicle, corporate job to follow his geek heart. 

Years of experience building marketing strategies and connecting them with tactical solutions to automate and make marketing as effective as possible. 

Automations and integrations is his second name.
Hugh Rees
Hugh Rees is the Co-Founder/Head of Digital at Expose Media, a high performance digital agency in its fifth year of successfully skyrocketing brands around the globe. 

A big advocate for chasing greatness over sameness, Hugh has 15 years of experience in marketing and a passion for innovation - earning him the honour of being voted one of Australia’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs of 2018. 

 He’s the go-to man for all things creativity, strategy and engagement, with the experience to back it.
Page Vandiver
Page Vandiver is a sales funnel, digital marketing, social media & Facebook Ads expert. 

With more than 15 years in the industry, her clients are international and recognized in global media publications. 

When she isn't pioneering new strategy and creative for her clients, coaching marketers or geeking out over new hacks & wins, she enjoys spending time with people, drinking coffee, writing music with her husband, and playing with her greyhound Noodle.
Brandon Smits
Brandon Smits is a seasoned digital marketer specializing in Coaching Funnels and B2B Lead Generation. 

He's published lead generation training on LinkedIn and offers both coaching and paid media services.
A marketer with over 15 years experience across both the agency and client side, working across leading global brands to small and medium businesses. What drives Tamara is her passion to grow businesses using digital marketing strategies that deliver results, and helping others reach their potential.

With a focus on digital, social and content marketing, Tamara ensures she stays at the forefront of new marketing technologies used to engage consumers and grow business. She’s an expert in Lead Generation campaigns.
Karyn specialises in creating Facebook™ ad sales funnels for eCommerce businesses in the fashion and beauty industry.

Karyn's retargeting strategies have seen a skincare company increase their website conversion rate by over 85% and see a return on ad spend of 20.88X.

More Member Experiences...
FATC eCom 4.3 x ROA
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