Here’s a story that might sound familiar…
Hey I'm Cat Howell
Five years ago I started to get contracted out for Facebook advertising by some smaller clients. 

But - if we're being honest - I had no idea what I was doing. 

And because I lacked the confidence in my services, because I doubted in my ability to get clients results - I kept undercharging myself and stunted my own growth for the longest time. 

Losing an account can be one of the hardest blows to your confidence. 

Even though I would be getting good results for some clients, it felt like I was always losing accounts and would I'd subsequently dip into these really big lulls where I started to doubt everything and even started to doubt being a Facebook Marketer. 

I felt like a fraud that was mostly guessing her way around an account. 

And because I was always undercharging, my only option to try and turn poor performing campaigns around was to tap into consultants (I couldn't even afford to hire contractors) - which cost me way more than I care to think! 

It wasn't until I'd spent a SH!T TON of client money and lost a SH!T TON of accounts that I started to stitch together some tactical strategies that seemed to be getting great results. 

I now run a seven figure FB ads agency and have worked with clients like FUJIFILM, Contiki, and Coca Cola and I've also had the immense honor of mentoring over 2,000 Facebook marketers and agency owners just like yourself - meaning I'm exposed to OVER 30 ad accounts on ANY GIVEN WEEK! 

And I've helped hundreds apply the framework and position themselves as world experts in the space! 

And today I want to give you an opportunity to BYPASS HAVING TO LOSE HUNDREDS OF CLIENT ACCOUNTS and gain the confidence and skill set that will allow you to grow your own business and client results. Win-win! 

6 Common Freelancer/Agency Pitfalls
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